Waterfall3 Inspiring Waterfall Construction Designs For Your Backyard

May 22, 2023by Bill Seeds

Are you looking for waterfall construction in Grants Pass, Medford, Ashland, or Roseburg, Oregon? You likely have a dream of having a beautiful waterfall in your yard for you and your family to relax next to after a long day, or during a hosted event. Now, you are researching who can build you a feature, and what that might look like or entail.

Look no further, because we are Southern Oregon’s premier waterfall construction experts. We not only build the most natural features in Southern Oregon, but we build them correctly the first time. Over 50% of our work comes from rebuilding failed or poorly built features. So skip the headaches and hire us the first time!

In this article we will highlight 3 different waterfall construction designs that you csn implement into your feature. In addition to the natural appearance there are some add-on features that can make your waterfall more interactive and appealing.


Deep Pooling Areas


Waterfall Construction Medford Oregon


When building waterfalls, unless they are an attached to a pond, we create whats called a pondless waterfall. You can learn more about them here. Essentially these waterfalls do not have a standing body of water at the bottom, and instead have an underground basin that stores the majority of the water.

Sometimes clients want a small pooling area. Either for a certain plant, a kid splash area, or a spot to put a couple of adirondack chairs while you dip your feet in the water. These pooling areas can easily be implemented in larger features, and can increase the interaction with the waterfall.


Contemporary Fountain Addition



Occasionally, when a client really wants to up the ‘wow’ factor we recommend adding some man-made fountains into the design. We have a multitude of fountain designs that look amazing nestled into the waterfall design including bowls, urns, stacked slate walls, and even spitters. You can see some of our fountain options here.

Adding in a fountain element allows us to add viewing areas that might not have been available without them. They also customize your waterfall even further by adding exceptional interest points. Waterfall construction does not need to simply be all natural. With the addition of fountain features you can truly customize your waterfall and personalize it.


Waterfall Orchestra




One of the most overlooked and almost never talked about components of a waterfall is the tone heard from the falls. Sure, we want the sound, but what kind of sound? Are you looking to have a tranquil zen, or trying to drown out road noise?

This is an important element in your design. We strive to build your waterfall so that it touches on high, mid, and low tones to round out the symphony of music coming from your feature. It is important to consider since sound is a integral component to a water features healing properties. We covered how water features have been proven to heal here.

Deep pools produce a guttural, low tone, great for relaxation. Higher tones help to draw bird life out of the sky. And keeping a balance with different tones will help to create an overall pleasing experience for you and your family.

These options all are determined by your space, budget, and preferences. We truly want to listen to your needs and wants so that we can build you a feature you and your family will enjoy for years to come. Our goal is create a feature that will become so integral to your families lifestyle that you can not imagine living without it.

Check out some of our waterfall construction designs and packages here to see which package is right for you.

You can watch us build a waterfall on youtube:




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