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I love the pnw, and Oregon especially has so much beauty, from waterfalls to moss, ferns, gorgeous trees and the mountains. What if there was a way to replicate this in your backyard? That is part of my goal: to take a slice of the mountain and put it into your yard.

In 2018 I lost my mother and grandfather, a month apart. I was basically doing nothing with my life, going nowhere, depressed, and I thought back to when I was a kid, when I was truly happy. Well what did I do in my childhood that made me happy?

It was raising fish, building fish tanks, and I built a pond for my turtle. So I thought cool lets start again. I got on youtube and watched videos about fish tanks and found aquascape, the leading manufacturer of watergarden supplies in the country. They had a training event coming up in a couple months.

I was broke at the time, so I sold my car to go to this training event. The owner of Aquascape, Greg Wittstock, was so moved by my story that he gave me back the money for the training.

Fast forward almost 5 years now and I’ve had the privilege to travel and work alongside the most talented builders from all over the country and learn how they build gorgeous backyard oasis.

Now with this experience I know what works, I know what doesn’t work. I’ve worked on almost every type of system in Oregon and I am confident I can fix most problems with a couple questions and a photo from my clients.

I’m inspired by my peers all over the country who build ponds and waterfalls. I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and I take full advantage whenever possible. Nowadays our attention is so consumed by tech and the digital world. I want to bring your family together, reconnect them to nature, build something they can all enjoy, a place for you to relax at the end of a long workday. 

People are surprised at how much the lifestyle has changed their life for the better. And I really want to show you how much it can change your life.

Hi my name is Bill Seeds, and I build nature.


What people are saying about Seeds of Nature

I'd give Bill Seeds, of Seeds of Nature, 10 stars if I could. He and a colleague transformed my backyard into an oasis, doing a complete rebuild of my leaky old waterfall. In 6 days, they dug out a 25-foot, 50-degree hillside and placed 4 tons of boulders from the Columbia River basin, by hand, quietly and efficiently. This work is Bill's "art," and it shows, as the waterfall is simply gorgeous.

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Just want to share what a wonderful experience we had with Seeds of Nature. In two days it went from broken down old pond to a beautiful water feature with a gorgeous design. Bill is really an artist plus he's a nice guy

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Bill was wonderful and my pond is everything i asked for and then some. He is reasonably priced and passionate about his work. i would reccommend him in a heartbeat. if i could give 10 stars I would.

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1103 Wildflower Drive, Merlin, Oregon, 97532
(503) 983-7663