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Pond Maintenance Service

No need to continue searching for ‘pond maintenance near me‘. We offer many different types of pond cleaning and water feature maintenance services for Medford, Grants Pass, Ashland, and Roseburg.

We offer maintenance services for any and all water features!

Maintenance services offered:
Pond Cleaning/Spring Cleanout & Startup
Monthly Maintenance
Fall Shutdown
Fall Netting
Pond Repair


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Pond Cleaning/Spring Cleanout/ Start-up

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Water Feature & Fountain Maintenance

Leave the work to us

Occasionally you will need to perform some routine maintenance to avoid major water fountain repair on your water feature or pond in order to keep it working in proper order. Many people enjoy doing the required monthly maintenance themselves but for the select few who would rather just enjoy their feature we provide a couple maintenance packages to leave you with peace of mind and nothing but time to relax and enjoy!

Maintenance service includes:

  • Trimming aquatic plants for optimum health and control
  • Adding water treatments
  • Cleaning the skimmer basket and housing
  • Cleaning filter mats and housing
  • Balancing algae growth
  • Checking pump
  • Checking fish health
  • Advanced troubleshooting of settling rocks and gravel
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Pond Repair

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Fall Water Feature Shutdown / Netting

Depending on your waterfeature you can either choose to keep your feature running, or you can choose to shut it down. Either way there is some maintenance that needs to occur in order to keep your water feature operating in tip top shape.

  1. Trim back all of your plants that will either fall into the pond or are already in the pond. This will limit the amount of debris that will breakdown inside the pond over the winter.
  2. If you have tropical, non-hardy plants, they will need to be brought inside.
  3. Netting your pond in order to keep leaves out is a wonderfully pro-active step to limit the amount of debris which will breakdown in the pond.

If you choose to allow your pond to run you will have to make sure that if it freezes over you allow a hole in the ice for gases to exchange. Otherwise your fish will suffocate and die. Aerators, in-pond pumps, pond jets, and even floating heaters work well to do this.

If you choose to shut your pump down you will need to ensure a hole in the ice in kept for reasons stated above. You will also need to remove your pump, put it in a bucket of water in order to keep the seals from drying out, and then place it in a frost free location.

Do not feed your fish if the water temperature is 50 F or less. They have trouble digesting at this temperature and can experience health issues.

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