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Pond Cleaning

Time for a pond cleaning service!

Looking for pond cleaning in Grants Pass, Medford, Roseburg, or Ashland, Oregon?

Pond cleaning is suggested to keep a healthy ecosystem thriving. Also, we recommended that you do a full cleanout every other year.

Your pond will be beautiful for the year after a cleanout. Additionally, it also helps maintain the equipment in the pond.  And we can do all the heavy, dirty, stinky work that you do not want to do.

Service performed:

  1. Drain your pond.
  2. Transfer the fish to our portable high capacity holding tanks.
  3. Check and clean all mechanical components. (pump, plumbing, skimmer, filtration)
  4. Pressure wash the entire water feature.
  5. Remove all muck and debris that has accumulated.
  6. Reconfigure all rock and gravel that has settled.
  7. Add water and any necessary treatments.
  8. Inspect health of the fish and transfer fish back into the pond.
  9. Document the health of your pond and advise any further action needed.


How Much Will My Pond Cost?

Pond Cleaning starting at $600

Minimums start at $600, and we charge 6$ a sq ft of the total surface area of the feature.

How To Calculate Your Cost

Measure the length and the width in feet with a tape measure. Then multiply those numbers together. This will give you the area. Then multiply the area by 6. This will give you the price of your cleanout.

Pond Contractor Medford Oregon

Not sure how to start?

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