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February 22, 2022by Bill Seeds

Fountains are an integral part of many gardens, adding life and beauty to the space. But what do you do when your water fountain stops working? How can you repair it yourself? Here are some tips for water fountain repair.

Restoring your water fountain back to its original splendor can be a time-consuming process. If you searched “fountain maintenance near me,” this article is what you need; it’ll take you through some of the most common fountain repair tips and will offer advice on how to carry them out yourself.

So Here Are 4 Fountain Repair Tips You Don’t Want To Miss


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1- Check to see whether the pump is on. The water won’t circulate through the fountain if the pump is off, and the fountain will not operate. Check whether the circuit breaker has tripped since this might disrupt the power supply.

2- Check the impeller on the fountain pump by putting a hand on top of the running pump. The impeller is working if you hear a mechanical piece whirring within. If this component isn’t working, it’s probably clogged with dirt. In such a case, remove any debris from the pump and clean it.

3- Fill the fountain to the proper level (this varies depending on the size of your fountain). The hose feeding water up through the pump must be entirely immersed in water for the fountain to operate correctly. Usually, you can solve this by adding water to the central basin. If the pump is making louder sounds than usual or emitting gurgling noises, the water level is most likely the problem.

4- Turn off the fountain and examine the hoses and pump screen for debris. Dirt, leaves, and other objects collect in fountains over time (particularly if they’re outside). The pump becomes clogged with dirt, leaves, and other material. Once the trash is out, the fountain should operate properly again.

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