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March 25, 2022by Bill Seeds

Do you have a fish pond at home? If so, it’s essential to keep it clean and healthy. A dirty fish pond can create poor water quality, which can be harmful to the fish and plants in the pond. Pond cleaning can prevent this.

Cleaning a fish pond requires a lot of patience and hard work. It isn’t an easy task, but the result is guaranteed to be worth it! Not only will your fish be healthy and happy, but you’ll also have a beautiful pond to enjoy. Keep reading for some fish pond cleaning ideas.

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4 Simple Fish Pond Cleaning Tips You Didn’t Know

Remove Debris Accumulated On The Bottom Of The Pond

One of the most important things you can do when cleaning your fish pond is to remove any debris accumulated on the bottom of the pond. This debris can include leaves, twigs, and other organic matter. You can remove this debris by using a net or by vacuuming the bottom of the pond. But you don’t need to fret if there is some leftover since some leaf debris is good for amphibians to overwinter underneath.

Installing a Pond Net

A net will stop leaves from getting into the pond from the get go. Pretty straight forward, just cover the pond. But make sure that you tent the net in the middle, with either pvc pipe or a staked line across the pond. Otherwise the net could fill up with leaves and sink into the pond. Then the leaves will just melt and break down into the pond regardless!

Install A Pond Skimmer

By installing a pond skimmer, you can help reduce the amount of time and effort required to maintain your pond. Pond skimmers can be used to remove leaves and other small debris from the surface of your pond. This is also where your pump will be housed: inside the skimmer! This allows easy maintenance and less chance of clogging. Moreover this will extend the lifetime of your pump.

Plant Shrubs Around The Pond

Planting around your pond can reduce the amount of wind blown debris entering the pond. It is best to use hardy evergreens like junipers since they will remain intact year round. Any other types of deciduous perennials will need to be trimmed during the fall months. This is a great proactive way to reduce the amount of debris and waste inside a pond.

Hire Professional Fish Pond Cleaning Services

Now that you know some fish pond cleaning tips, it’s possible that you feel overwhelmed by the idea of taking care of your fish pond by yourself. But don’t worry! To guarantee that your cleaning is done correctly, it’s better to leave it to the experts. 

At Seeds Of Nature Watergardens, we provide quality fish pond cleaning services to Southern Oregon residents. We have the experience required to clean your fish pond quickly and effectively. Whether you want to remove any debris accumulated in your pond, change the water, or teach you how your pond works, we can do that and more.

Or perhaps, if you’re interested in redesigning or simply constructing a new fish pond in your home or business.



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