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January 20, 2023by Bill Seeds

Are you ready to hire a pond contractor near you to begin your dream project? Is your property the right place to have a pond artist come out and design your oasis? These are questions we will explore so that you have a better understanding of the process and pitfalls. This will help protect you from inexperienced pond contractors who might not be the best fit for your project. Whether you live in Grants Pass, Medford, Or Ashland, Oregon you are going to want to read this.


Maybe you are on the fence about having a pond designed in your yard. Some people build ponds because they want to have a koi pond, or a goldfish pond. Others build ponds because they want a watergarden with a variety of aquatic and marginal plants. Some want a pond they can swim with a natural filtration system. These are questions you want to ask yourself. What will the pond be used for? If you do not want fish, many plants, or a swimming, dipping pond, and are just interested in a waterfall for the sound, then I recommend looking at pondless waterfalls or fountainscapes. You can learn more about those here: A Quick Guide To Pondless Waterfalls

Ecosystem ponds are built with fish, plants, and a natural setting in mind. For people who want it all, the ecosystem pond is exactly what you are looking for. Blending into your existing landscape and utilizing rock, wood, and plants, these systems integrate beautifully. Built professionally, pond construction can add beauty and value to your property. They will also increase the amount of time you use your outdoor living areas.

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Choosing the best area for your pond is crucial. You do not want an area that collects rain runoff. This will cause water quality issues and structural issues. Water getting underneath your liner creates hydrostatic pressure, which pushes on the liner, and will cause structural problems with the rock inside the liner. Sometimes this is inevitable. Especially with larger and deeper projects. Underdrain systems are crucial for protecting the structure of the pond. Any experienced pond contractor will know how to mitigate this problem.

Some slopes might be too difficult to create retention for a body of water. Luckily, competent pond builders will be able to incorporate a design that does not have strange deep sides which will look unnatural. Slopes can and will affect the price of your project. This is due to the fact more stone and possibly more dirt will need to be brought in.

Another point to consider with your location and design is how the pond will be used and enjoyed. Many people want to put the pond in the back corner of their property. You should consider having the pond as close to the main outdoor living area as possible. Designing the pond, and the waterfalls, from inside the home is especially important. You want to be able to enjoy the pond from inside the home as much as outside. Consider designing your pond from your favorite sitting area inside the home. Any pond contractor who understands pond design will be able to incorporate this important aspect.

The last point needed to be addressed with location is going to be sunlight. Aquatic and marginal plants need different levels of sun exposure. Make sure you understand the sun exposure on your property prior to design. Plant pockets should be considered with the pond design according to the sun. Trees, buildings, and fences will limit sun exposure for some plants like water lillies.

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You have probably considered building a pond yourself. There are tons of resources available online to help you complete this task yourself. You will need to become aware of mechanical and biological filtration. Pump flow rates. Total dynamic head for pumps. Circulation issues. Fish needs. Plant needs. Structural design and implementation. You will need to become accustomed with pond products, their design, fuction, and uses. There are rock calculations. There are water volume calculations.
It might become overwhelming. Some people, like me, are aquatic nerds so to speak, and get excited with this type of task. Others might just want a beautiful, low-maintenance pond to relax by after a long day. So they hire pond construction experts like me to execute their vision.

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Now that you are ready to build your outdoor paradise you will be looking for a builder near you. Here are some things to consider when hiring a pond contractor:

What is their main business focus? Do they focus on water features primarily or are they landscapers who also might do a couple water feature projects a year? Pond contractors who focus solely on water features are going to have more experience with delivering your vision.

Are they accredited in their industry? Do they engage in continuing education to hone their craft? Pond contractors who are accredited with manufacturers demonstrate reliability and consistency in order to continue working with those manufacturers. They hold themselves to a higher standard than other industry professionals due to the amount of extra work is needed to maintain their accredition.

What does their past work look like? Does it match your preferences and taste? Make sure you can see photos and videos of a pond contractors previous work.

Do they understand the technical aspects? Ask them about flow rates, water in motion, and circulation.

Certified Aquascape Contractors check all of those boxes. You can search to find a certified aquascape contractor in your area here:

If you are in Southern Oregon you can contact us to begin the design process!

In conclusion, deciding where, how, and who to build your pond is crucial so that you do it right the first time. 60% of our business is tearing out poorly built water features and rebuilding them correctly. Make sure you are hiring the right person to build your pond.


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