FountainSteps To Install A Fountain In Your Home Or Business Yard

February 22, 2022by Bill Seeds

Fountains have different purposes in both homes and businesses. They can provide a focal point, create a soothing sound environment, add a decorative element, or offer something for people to look at.

Homeowners and businesses generally use fountains as an ornamental or aesthetic feature of landscaping design and architecture. The following article will discuss 4 basic fountain installation tips that can help you get the perfect fountain at your home or commercial property. 

4 Steps To Install A Fountain In Your Home Or Business Yard

Choose A Location

The first step you need to consider is where you will set the fountain. You can either set up your fountain on a flat surface such as the patio, near the entryway of the house, inside your home’s living room, or in an outdoor garden.

Once you find a suitable place, mark it by laying sticks and stones on the ground to serve as a guide. This will ensure you will not dig up or pile up the soil in the wrong spot or put your fountain next to a fence, plant bed, lamp post, and other fixed elements.

Dig Your Hole

Depending on your chosen location for your fountain, you may require digging deeper holes. For example, if your site requires excavation, digging deeper holes will mean you can go further down and create a bigger basin. However, if you set the fountain on the patio or concrete garden bed surrounding it, you won’t need to dig as deep.

Remove Rocks, Roots, And Soil

Once you finish the hole, it is time to remove rocks, roots, and other objects found in the soil. After this step, you can now use a garden hose to fill up your hole with water to check whether there are any leaks or not. If there are no leaks, you will continue with the next step.

Install Your Pump Or Fountain

Once you are sure that there are no leaks, it is time for you to install your water pump (if you already have one) and fountain (if it requires installation). After this, you would need to fill up the hole until it reaches the rim of your fountain.

Contact Experts For Guaranteed Results

Fountain building in your home or business yard can be a daunting task. If you are unsure of how to properly install your fountain or have any other questions, be sure to seek professional fountain installation services.

At Seeds Of Nature Watergardens, you can rest assured that all our technicians are fully trained and will help you in all your landscaping projects, giving you guaranteed results. 




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