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March 25, 2022by Bill Seeds

Waterfall leaks can be a big headache. Not only are they unsightly, but they can also cause extensive damage to your property if not fixed on time. Additionally, if you’re unsure where the leak is coming from, it can be tough to determine how to fix it.

Here are four steps on how to fix your damaged or leaking waterfall. Consider that every leak is different, so you may need to adjust these steps slightly depending on the specific situation. Even better, you could hire experts to handle your water garden repair more quickly and efficiently.
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4 Useful Waterfall Repair Tips

Perform A Static Test

Fill up the pond or basin to its maximum level and turn off the pump for 24 hours. If the basin or pond level recedes then you know the leak is in the pond or basin. If it doesn’t recede then you know the leak is in the plumbing or the waterfall.

Performing a static test is one of the most effective ways to repair an artificial waterfall. Static tests help determine the cause of the problem and can provide a lasting solution.

Check The Edges Of The Liner In Waterfall

Typically low edges in the liner is the biggest culprit, so check the edges along the waterfall for water escaping. You can also check to see if the area is wet to let you know where the leak may be.

When you’re checking the edges of the liner in your waterfall, be sure to look for any cracks or holes. If you find any, be sure to repair them as soon as possible. Also, check the seams where the liner pieces come together. If they seem to be coming apart, you may need to reseal them.

Check The Plumbing

Start by taking a look at all of the connections and make sure they are tight and not leaking. If you have a check valve installed on the pump, open it to see if water is still in the plumbing. If not, then you know the leak is in the plumbing. 

Next, take a look at the rocks and make sure they are not loose or falling apart. It’s important to check the plumbing periodically to make sure everything is in good working order.

Check The Basin

It is important to make sure that the basin is properly installed and maintained in order to avoid any problems or accidents. Wherever the water has receded to in the basin, that is where your leak or leaks are located! You can repair holes in the liner with a liner repair kit, or you might need to replace the liner completely.

Hire Professional Waterfall Leak Repair Services

Be careful when attempting a DIY waterfall leak repair, as it could result in further damage when not done correctly. For a guaranteed thorough job, it’s better to leave it to the professionals. If you live in Grants Pass, Medford, Ashland, OR, Seeds Of Nature Watergardens is your go-to waterfall repair company

We pride ourselves on providing the highest customer satisfaction. Our team of experts has the experience needed to leave your waterfall looking as good as new. Contact Seeds Of Nature Watergardens today, and we’ll take care of all your waterfall problems, helping you and your loved ones reconnect with nature.

For DIY advice please refer to the instructions on our maintenance page, halfway down to Leak Repair:
Leak Repair Checklist

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